Come behind-the-scenes of my
multi-million dollar business to discover the
3 “Smart Marketing” secrets that help me Attract Perfect Buyers, all day, every day.

Finally Create Consistent Sales With Your Online Business Without Spending Every Waking Second on Social Media

with Tanya Aliza

Sneak a peek at what you’ll discover:

The ONLY strategy that works for standing out on social media. (And no! More posting isn’t what’s needed!)
The 3 secrets to go from being a stressed hot mess, to a “smart marketer” who attracts perfect buyers every day.
The complete walk-through on how to implement this for your business. ASAP!


A step-by-step, easy-to-implement webclass for smart marketers who want to use their time wisely to create “value”, so you stand out on social media, attract perfect leads and ready-to-buy customers, without spending hours scrolling, sending “friend requests”, double-tapping and… messaging!

Time to slay old-school marketing myths, my friend, and deploy modern, time-saving strategies that actually work to help you build that 6-figure business without sweating over the details that don’t even matter.

Here’s exactly what you’ll walk away with:

 The #1 strategy to stand out in a crowded space on social media and attract an engaged, ready-to-buy audience. Hint: You don’t have to be an expert or “influencer”!
 The ONE piece of content to create to generate perfect buyers on autopilot. This will be your very own audience magnet.
 Discover THREE different ways to create this “audience magnet!” Get off the content creation hamster wheel for good!
 My top 3 never-before-revealed secrets to help you automate your sales process. No complicated tech or teams needed. Secret #1 will completely change how you approach lead generation!
 The step-by-step walk-through to help you implement these strategies minus any confusion or overwhelm.

As you can see, this isn’t your usual “infomercial”-style webclass. This is actual deep work, and you’ll see that in the first 5 minutes!


When you show up LIVE for this webclass, I’ll GIFT you my in-demand Easy Engagement Idea Bank: 52 Tried-and-Tested Social Media Post Ideas to Amplify Lead Generation for Smart Marketers

It’s no secret. I’m a giver.

I cannot help but pour myself into giving you the tools, techniques, and strategies that work in today’s online  marketing space.

It’s time to ditch old-school, high-pressure tactics that only increase your stress levels and not your bank balance.

Let me show what’s working, why “easy” is not a 4-letter word, and how you can swipe my proven easy lead strategies to turn your social media into a magnet for perfect, ready-to-buy leads.

Hi Rockstar!

SO excited to have you here. I’m Tanya Aliza, a freedom-loving, value-sharing business mentor to smart marketers just like you.

Here’s the thing…

Unlike the “overnight” coaches and mentors, I’ve been in business since 2009.

I have seen online marketing evolve.

Not just that, I’ve always been five steps ahead of the curve by asking “why” and “why not,” which means I uncover new marketing strategies faster than the paparazzi uncovers celeb scandals!

And in this Webclass, I can’t wait to share my closely guarded secrets to turn social media into your personal Client ATM.

All with my power-packed step-by-step strategy and techniques.

You see… I’m all about reclaiming your time, fueling your lead generation with efficiency, and creating multiple revenue streams.

Are YOU the same?

Join us for this Webclass Only If...

You’re exhausted because you want consistent revenue to build your 6-figure business, but you’re always spinning your wheels: The only “spinning” you want to do is on your Peloton. Not with your marketing and business.
You feel frustrated with the information overload and just want someone to show you WHAT to do, step-by-step: The whole “figuring out” bit leaves you feeling like a deer in the headlights.
You know you want a business that has multiple revenue streams, doesn’t chain you to the desk or drown you in “to-dos”: You want to become an entrepreneur for real freedom - freedom from debt, freedom from clocking in and out, freedom from constant hustling for very little reward.
You’re keen to see real-world examples of entrepreneurs who are experiencing the results you want from their businesses: You don’t want a painted picture, you want proof!
You know you have the potential to build a million-dollar business but you’re just too tired and overwhelmed with everything that’s on your plate: You have the grit, desire, and courage. You need someone to show you how to use those to be successful.

Ethical, freedom-loving Entrepreneurs, like you, have put these strategies to the test.

It’s your time now!

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