The Ultimate LIVE Video Checklist

What to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your Live Broadcast to get high quality people interested in your products & services!

9 things you absolutely must do to BEFORE you hit 'Go Live' to prepare yourself for a successful broadcast
How to get people to show up, stay, and engage DURING your broadcast
6 things you absolutely need to do AFTER each LIVE broadcast to get more reach and engagement!

Hey! Tanya Aliza here.

As a Social Media Marketer & Online Business Coach, I have been blessed to have helped thousands of Entrepreneurs sell their products and services online.

My passion is to help you position your products online to attract the best possible customers and clients that are eager to spend money with you.

I don't hype things up, my friend, I walk the talk. Everything I train on are strategies I also use in my personal business that consistently generates millions in revenue each and every year.

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